• MorningDesire ты хочешь, чтобы я был твоим навсегда photo 9885089
  • MorningDesire ты хочешь, чтобы я был твоим навсегда photo 9885088


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19, Kaksikud
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Take away my virginity
Take away my virginity 4 fotot 4 photos
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Sugu Naine
Mind huvitavad Naised, Mehed, Paarid, Trans
Vanus 19
Pikkus 150 - 160 cm
Kaal 45 - 55 kg
Juuksed Punapea
Silmad Pruunid
Etniline päritolu Valge/Kaukaaslane
Keeled Inglise, Vene
Häbemekarvad Karvane
Rinnapartii Keskmine
Tagumik Keskmine
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Frankly, I can’t say why I’m turned on, because I’m still a virgin, but I know one thing - that like any girl, I love affection
Welcome to my world) My name is Maya, I'm 19, at 19 I can do a lot, because I've been working in different fields since I was 16,I have been doing karate for 10 years, yes I am a sports person) hehe
I love to develop in different directions, that's why I came here, I know that here I will have the opportunity to meet people from different continents and also earn money to make my dreams come true, well, the most intimate thing is my self-esteem, I have never had a boyfriend and an intimate relationship, I hope that here I will be able to realize my goals, dreams into reality
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Rude people
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A big,big dream!!
A big,big dream!!
My dream is my own big home, I imagined many times what it would be like?)I have many plans and goals for life, the first is to get out of the financial web and lack, sadly, I lived in a not very prosperous family and I always lacked a lot because we could not afford it, I want to buy an apartment where I can take my family and help them so that neither I nor they need anything I am grateful to everyone who helps and supports me, thanks guys, you are the bestt!!!I apprecaite every token❤️??
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The first goal so far
The first goal so far
I just start to earn money,but still not enough for buy some good phone,i have a old and like every girl i want to buy good phone,for make some good pics and video,so that my classmates do not laugh at me because I am with an old phone, thanks guys for supporting me, I really appreciate it‼️???
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